Pipe Potions, Smooth Smoke and add Flavor
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Pipe powder


Use Pipe Potions to Smooth Smoke and Add Titillating Flavor!

Designed by a Naturopathic Physician.
  • Add 2-3 squeezes of 100% natural, antioxidant rich, essential oil powered Pipe Potions.
  • Six sexy flavors to choose from
  • We like to think of them all as “flavors with benefits”



Pipe Potions

We have six titillating Pipe Potions for you to choose from, and the recommended use is a little different for each. Click here to learn more.

Pipe Powders

Dr. Wilde formulated Pipe Powders to add extra strength antioxidants to the bong water. Get your single serving packet.

Pipe Girls

Meet the ladies… More information coming soon.

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