Minty Minx – Peppermint

Minty Minx – Peppermint


Minty Minx helps soothe nausea and wakes up the mind. It may even help freshen up your cotton mouth.

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Minty Minx is a bright peppermint Pipe Potion, that helps wake up the mind. Many cancer patients are using  and Medical Marijuana to help with their pain and nausea, and Minty Minx is a great addition because peppermint has been used to help with nausea for centuries.

Adding some Minty Minx to your bong makes it feel like Christmas, and gives that glorious minty accent when you eat a bunch of chocolate when you get the munchies.

She may even help freshen up your cotton mouth, adding Minty Minx to your water pipe is like swimming in tingly peppermint clouds.


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