What is so bad for us in smoke?

Smoking tobacco increases your risk of developing cancer about 30%. The tobacco industry KNEW for years that tobacco can cause cancer, but added chemicals into cigarettes to make them even more addictive. Perhaps that is why many of us choose to smoke pure tobacco out of water pipes, or smoke other things all together. But why does smoking cause cancer and heart disease? There are many explanations, but one of the most dangerous things we inhale when we smoke are the tiny burned particles, called particulate matter. Those small products of setting stuff on fire are linked to lung and cardiovascular disease. Particulate matter is one of the factors taken into account when you hear about cities having “bad air days”.

Dr. Wilde designed Pipe Potions to help protect you from the negative effects of smoking. But supplementation with specific vitamins can also help. B-vitamins have been shown in research to help protect from particulate matter damage in your blood vessels. They decrease inflammation and damage caused by particulate matter. Heart disease risk from smoking also decreases with decreasing inflammation.


Thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid, folate and B12 are examples of B vitamins necessary for our body to work optimally.

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