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Pipe Potions: Antioxidant Water Pipe Additives

Antioxidant Water Pipe Additives

Dr. Wilde developed Pipe Potions to smooth smoke and add titillating flavor. We have probably all taken huge rips off of a bong and almost coughed our lungs up. Pipe potions are antioxidant water pipe additives designed to add to bong water and smooth the smoke so it isn’t so harsh. It has been formulated as a smoke scrubber, neutralizing the worst oxidants that can cause cancer and other lung damage that leads to COPD. The FDA has not evaluated these claims, nor have we paid a million dollars to conduct studies to support them. Many of the damaging chemicals from smoke are oxidants. Oxidants are neutralized by antioxidants. Pipe Potions has a bong-load of antioxidants, so the logic follows.

Titillating Flavor

These 100% naturally derived, over 90% organic Pipe Potions also add flavor. We have six titillating Pipe Potions for you to choose from, and the recommended use is a little different for each. All the flavors have aromatherapy benefits as well.

  • Add Pipe Potions to your own taste preference, and after each bowl, you may add a bit more.
  • You most likely want to change water if you change flavors, but some go great together, like Ambrosia and Chillaxin or Minty Minx and Koala.
  • Each pipe is slightly different in size, and so you will need more or less of the Pipe Potions depending on your pipe.
  • We recommend changing your water daily, and cleaning your bong regularly when using Pipe Potions because the natural ingredients can support bacterial growth. Click here for the easiest and best way to clean your glass.

Meet the Pipe Potions

Spice – Cinnamon and clove come together to liven up your smoke. Reminds us of a Djarum, without the bleeding lungs from fiberglass. Has an extra boost of antioxidants. 10-20 uses per bottle.

The Big O – Creamsicle flavor. Use one full dropper as needed. 10-20 uses per bottle.

Ambrosia – You want to start with 2-3 squeezes per cup of water in your pipe. She is a delicate lady for a refined connoisseur. 10-20 uses per bottle.

Minty Minx – Ever smoke a menthol? Have any  4oThis minx can be intense, so start conservatively so you don’t tingle your face off. 20-30 uses per bottle.

Koala – Essential oils can be especially helpful when you still want to smoke, but have a cold. Be careful not to add too much until you know what you can handle. She’s a feisty sheila who went native in the outback! 20-30 uses per bottle.

Chillaxin – Have you ever experienced paranoia after smoking? Then this is the girl for you. Add 1 squeeze (about 10 drops) at first, so you don’t feel like you’ve smoked a perfume factory. 20-30 uses per bottle.

Pipe Powders

Pipe powders are concentrated powder additives with extra antioxidants, and come in two options

Mischief: Learn more

Mayhem: Learn more

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